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Determining Reimbursable Travel Expenses for Employees
With over 445 million business trips made each year, it...
Where Do People Book Business Travel?
When booked efficiently with the right business travel companies, every...
6 Ways to Create an Effective Corporate Travel Budget
If you’re seeking ways to create an effective and efficient...
Everything You Need to Know About Business Travel Accident Insurance
Are you in the habit of purchasing business insurance for...
Expense tracking software on a laptop
Telios Travel

How to Track Business Travel Expenses

Traveling for work has become more and more necessary and normal, with many small, medium, and large-sized businesses dedicating large parts of their financial plans

A person’s boarding pass traveling through an airport
Telios Travel

The Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Corporate travel is nothing new, and making corporate travel plans isn’t new either. Many businesses find themselves connected to international finance, logistics, sales, or many

Telios Travel

The Most Common Mistakes in Corporate Travel Policies

A well-crafted corporate travel policy streamlines logistics and keeps business travel expenses in check. However, many organizations make the same mistakes when creating their policies.

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