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Telios Travel is an Elite SAP Concur partner. We work with companies to provide software solutions, travel and expense policies, and deployment support. Our established partnerships with airlines, car rental companies, and hotels lead to discounted rates and agile bookings. Process automation consulting often involves cross-country travel and coordination among multiple stakeholders. Telios simplifies the process so you can focus on your core strategies and deliverables.

If your business has automation consultants, we can streamline your travel and expense process with customized solutions and data-driven decision-making.

Telios Travel provides dedicated agents who work closely with your team to create consistent, personalized travel experiences. Our agents serve as a single point of contact for all your travel needs, proactively monitoring your itinerary and negotiating better rates and perks with our travel partners. We adhere to your company policies and remember your preferences, ensuring your team is productive and focused on growing your business.
We understand that automation consultants often travel to make business operations easier. Telios Travel believes in the same principles. We have no tech fees, no surrender fees, and no hidden registration costs. Call us, and we’ll train your team to use SAP Concur. We keep our pricing structure simple with no surprises. That’s why we get along so well with process automation consultants. We think workflows should be simple, accessible, and repeatable, and we bring that mindset to your business travel.
We make it easier than ever for your automation consultants to track their spending and stay compliant with corporate travel policies. Using our online booking tool, each traveler can manage their own air tickets, hotel stays, and ground transportation. We work with you to establish parameters so the booking tool has the exact functionality you require.

Streamline Your Business Travel

We specialize in working with both small startups and large corporations to book travel that meets your specific preferences. Fill out our contact form or call us at (786) 209-1240. Our experts will ask a few questions about your business to help us tailor a solution to meet your needs, and, if you require it, we can implement corporate training on SAP Concur usually within 90 days. When our optimized service aligns with your process automation consulting, you’ll see faster reporting and decreased travel spend.


Telios Travel helps automation consultants accelerate progress and widen their reach. With our dedicated agents, transparent pricing, and commitment to guiding and training our clients, you can trust that your business travel with Telios Travel will be hassle-free, efficient, and cost-effective.

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