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Streamlining travel plans for employees at your company has never been easier, thanks to modern tools and innovative tech platforms...

With fine-tuned corporate travel systems, you no longer need to browse on your own to find the best itinerary or deal for your corporate travel plans. Take control of every detail with a business travel approval process that keeps it simple for everyone. Here are a few ways travel approval software can be a gamechanger.

Compliance with Travel Policy

Your company travel policy helps keep costs on target and establishes boundaries for business travel. Help your employees stay within set guidelines. Align bookings easily with your company’s vision and budget and help avoid these costly errors in the process:

  • Booking with preferred airlines or hotels at a higher cost
  • Choosing travel itineraries in order to gain points and perks
  • Bookings that don’t make good use of company time
  • Wasting too much time searching for the best deal

The modern business travel approval process removes options that don’t make sense in your travel policy and instead takes your employees where they want to go with a simple click.


Using corporate travel systems to arrange travel has perks beyond simply booking a trip in one place. Using our cloud-based Concur travel application helps simplify invoice and expense management for your team and keeps all travel arrangements and expenses in one place. Your travel coordinators approve each travel request and itinerary before the trip is finalized and alter plans as needed. This type of all-in-one platform automatically notifies you of some other cost-savings travel perks before booking:

  • Bonus deals and negotiated rates are posted for all users
  • Trip estimates are available and perimeters are set for cost based on similar travel itineraries
  • Software helps suggest alternate date ranges or route options for upcoming trips

This is an all-in-one platform that makes sure all employee itineraries align with your policy. Get the best deal with travel approval software to help you remove the guesswork.


An efficient business travel approval process reduces time spent making complex travel arrangements. Take a look at some of these other perks for your employees:

  • An online system offers quick access from multiple devices
  • Easily choose desired travel modes, booking options and date ranges all in one place
  • Avoid hours of browsing through multiple tabs with hidden costs

Don’t leave all the planning up to employees. With a few simple guidelines, your team can easily choose from set date ranges or itineraries and find all their booking options in one place.

Ready to make your corporate trips easy and hassle-free? Try a business travel approval process that works. Contact Telios Travel for a free consultation or book a demo today.

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