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As the number of international business trips increases, so has the need for transparent policies and expert travel management teams on the ground...

The number of small and large businesses reaching out for advice on best practices while traveling abroad is increasing, and so is the need for a solid corporate travel safety policy. As tech-savvy companies seek expansion and make new connections, discover how your business could be next in line to incorporate a corporate travel safety policy compatible with our online booking tools.


Before you address a need for a business travel policy, it makes sense to assess your risks to see if your current policy needs an update. Here are some signs that a revised travel policy should be next on your agenda:

  • Your team is traveling to an area at risk of political unrest or natural disasters
  • Cultural misunderstandings could arise between your staff and locals
  • Unpredictable laws could make travel a bit more risky for your team

Developing a corporate travel safety policy that works for your company means addressing the needs of employees who may be entering unfamiliar territory. Consult an expert from Telios Travel to help you move forward with the next steps.


Establishing a program to help educate your employees before embarking overseas could reap huge benefits. From learning some basic helping phrases to knowing what to pack, expert guidance can come in handy for your business.

  • Your corporate travel safety policy should be an educational guide in local language and culture
  • Learn what measures you can take to be prepared when an unforeseen event arises
  • Establish a business travel policy that helps your team overcome obstacles

From insurance to knowledge of local culture, your company can help employees feel prepared before departure. Corporate travel safety is up to your management team.


A comprehensive corporate travel safety policy includes matters of health and wellbeing. If a member of your team becomes ill or in danger, you need to have the right travel documents and health insurance assistance in any scenario. Emergencies do happen, and you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard.

  • Make sure your team knows how and where to get medical help on the ground
  • Advise a travel professional before you go for advice on recommended vaccinations and medication before travel
  • Become familiar with common diseases and ailments before departure

Some locales have excellent healthcare, comparable to your experience at home, but others are lacking. Make sure your employees are aware of the travel risks involved before jetsetting to make the next deal.

Looking for more corporate travel safety tips? Consult our travel management team at Telios Travel and book a demo with us today.

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