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Hence, corporate travel takes a significant space in a company’s corporate budget. This is why connecting your company with a corporate travel management company becomes almost necessary.

Corporate travel companies provide you with efficient, quick and pocket-friendly travel services which not only ensure that your travel expense is monitored and controlled, but also make that experience worthwhile. Not having your business travel professionally managed would lead to outstanding costs. These costs are most likely to hurt your bank accounts during budget season. A poorly managed travel department will not be able to provide you with an account of expenses because of the limited expertise and resources to make reports and analysis which serve the purpose mentioned.

On the other hand, travel companies come with travel management solutions and a set-up comprising of quality control technology that manages your bookings, collects your travel data and account, and delivers reminders and useful insights to you regarding your travel expense and journey. For example, these companies will log eliminate flights out of policy by adapting, filtering and directing their resources to your corporate travel policies.

Having a professional travel manager is like an asset

As the world is much more aware of the importance of traveling, the market is introduced to one medium or another through which travel can be made easier. This is why proper Corporate Travel Management companies face significant challenges.

Practically anyone can get you online tickets or ease off your booking process, however, a program travel consultant’s job is not only restricted to this. A corporate travel company will see you through the entire journey of your travel, they will not only make the immigration easy but in fact the entire trip.

Their job is not to make necessary arrangements for a huge conference you are holding offshore, but for that important conference to go smoothly.

This is the point at which corporate travel companies use an online booking tool to make your travel easier and pleasant. They structure itineraries as per the requirement or nature of your work and help you stay aware of any last minute changes that may be inevitable.

These travel agents will be focused on making your experience economical and hassle-free. For example, agents will map out a multi-city itinerary, book flights with an airline which provides better offers, fight the unnecessary added costs or suggest lodging options with negotiable rates or added value in the area of your choice leading your company to save almost 15-20% of their travel budget per night.

Not only that, program travel consultants and travel management agents are trained to evaluate risks beforehand. Being aware of the possible problems that could arise during your traveling time helps your agent keep you informed prior to travel. In a case you face an unforeseen difficulty during your journey, your professional travel manager will have your back. You will be easily accessible to your company back home by tracking facilities of online booking tools and you will also be in touch with the expert.

Where does Telios Travel jump in?

Telios Travel is one of these companies we have talked about throughout this article. It is a corporate travel management company that aims to maximize and uplift your travel experiences as business associates. However, the main question is on the function. How is the maximization of traveling done?

A corporate travel company is up to date with the latest technology that can be used to provide you the best of its travel services. Travelers gain access to the SAP Concur Travel platform, which gives your company an idea of how your travel is being managed and the way through which expenses are being monitored, it looks like a consumer site providing a live feed. All bookings made by your agent are also reflected in Concur for tracking purposes.

Other technical systems like Amadeus, Cornerstone IQCX, Conferma, TRAMS, and GRASP help create detailed and well-analyzed reports of your travel. Another application, Magnatech is used to keep your employee satisfied and taken care off.

It captures live itinerary changes and keeps your company updated of your employee whereabouts and Yapta is used to monitor fluctuations in price for up to 24 hours prior to your trip. In addition to these facilities, a corporate travel company provides you with a professional who manages your entire trip and is available for your service 24/7.

Telios Travel masters all the functions above and works on a daily basis to make traveling easy for corporate companies around the world!

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