Optimizing Your Company Travel Policy for Employees

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The Telios Travel team helps you gain insight on recent trends in corporate travel, which may be worth implementing in your policy. Read on to learn more about optimizing your company travel policy for employees.

Old vs. New

Business travel has evolved in the past decade and there are even more changes to come. The old methods of obtaining travel expenses, reimbursement and other costs may be in need of an update. Gone are the days of collected paper. Your company travel policy should reflect those digital changes.

Consider your use of technology to track employee expenses abroad. Perhaps you’ve already transitioned to something like this – if so, updating your policy may be long overdue. Consultants at Telios Travel help you revamp your old policy to reflect the times and suit the travel patterns of your employees. Not there yet? Our team of experts can help you determine the best direction for your policy and prepare the next steps.


Perhaps you are interested in delving into the world of digital travel booking tools but you aren’t sure where to start. Maybe your company is already using some of them. Either way, corporate travel is undergoing a massive shift in digitalization, and it’s important to remain on the cutting edge. If you’ve made use of any travel management apps out there, it’s time to revisit your company travel policy to ensure your policy is properly integrated with your applications. That way, employees will save time finding booking resources and be kept within your policy during their points of purchase.


It’s important to do your due diligence when employees embark on a trip abroad. As customs and safety measures shift greatly from region to region, you may need to revisit your company travel policy in regards to safety. If your employees now regularly use Lyft, Uber, or other travel-sharing apps, significant expenses can be cut by implementing these or other rental car agreements in your company travel policy for employees.


Streamlining your travel expenses, reimbursement and other costs via travel management platform is more commonplace than ever. Your travel policy should cover how employees will claim monetary reimbursement and record expenses with your preferred partner hotels or transport companies. Going paperless is simple and the most efficient way to track company-wide spending habits and provide reimbursements quickly after each trip.


Updating your company travel policy may seem like a monumental task – that’s where our travel consultants can help you. We take care of every detail in your travel policy to make sure your company stays compliant with best practices and are kept within budget. Contact Telios Travel today for an initial meeting where we’ll speak about the next steps of optimizing your policy.

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