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Telios Travel helps you stay ahead of the industry with the latest corporate travel news and practices. The latest developments in travel can make or break your upcoming year. Keep an eye on these recent milestones as your business moves ahead.


2020 will see increased spending on corporate travel. News stories indicate that global business travel spending has increased steadily since 2017. The coming years are expected to show similar increases. There’s no better time to re-work your company’s vision when it comes to domestic and international business travel, as there are more options available than ever before.


As business travel becomes a more central focus in your corporate plan, travel management companies have increasingly stepped in to help transition budgets and bookings using cutting-edge technology. In the days of old, management took it upon themselves to book trips and record spending. Corporate travel news stories indicate that the boom in cloud-based software means no more guesswork when it comes to creating an itinerary for your employees. A travel management company can ease your business through the digital transition no matter what its size.


The Millennial generation has already embraced the use of digital apps to make travel plans and keep tabs on everything from calorie intake to the next day’s agenda via mobile device. With a surge in new tech developments, the biggest news this year is the use of digital apps to coordinate upcoming travel plans, browse the best rates, or simply create your budget. Your business can make use of all the latest trends in corporate travel news, such as the Concur app, to create and submit report expenses within minutes.


Traveling for business is one thing, but planning meetings and conferences in far-flung locations can prove just as challenging as making arrangements for the trip itself. Recent developments have seen dedicated travel agents specializing in strategically planning these things for you. Enjoy services from a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) as a logical next step in flawless planning for that upcoming trip.


A huge development in corporate travel news is the increased use of private aviation to travel for business. Using major airline carriers to reach a destination is a great way to travel – but commercial flying comes with flaws. For some companies, private aviation is the perfect solution to beating the crowds and creating customized itineraries. This type of travel can be a great way to boost morale for your employees as they enjoy luxury service in the air.
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