The Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel Booking Tool

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Corporate travel is nothing new, and making corporate travel plans isn’t new either. Many businesses find themselves connected to international finance, logistics, sales, or many other international professions, all of which often require employees to travel for work. To make this process easier, many companies can benefit from using a corporate travel booking tool to make their arrangements, and provide ease of mind. There are many benefits to businesses using a travel booking tool, but these are just a few:

Always accessible

Corporate travel booking tools are typically hosted online, allowing workers and business owners to access them at any time of day. This allows users to get instant feedback on any inquiry, such as ticket prices, rescheduling, missed connections, or catastrophes that require further advice. This constant access to travel booking tools gives businesses peace of mind, knowing that all of their problems are backed up by a team of expert individuals who will always be able to answer their questions or find the right solution.

Always up-to-date with the best deals

Manual travel agents certainly work hard to find the best deals, but online corporate travel booking tools are able to get instant access to all of the best deals on the internet, saving businesses money with every booking. Furthermore, the travel management companies providing travel booking software to businesses often have unique, independent relationships with various travel-related businesses, providing deals that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. Working with travel management companies will always help a business save money, by giving them access to instant deals, preferred airline and lodging providers, and special industry relationships that businesses can benefit from and get involved in. Businesses using travel booking software also enjoy lower costs from a lack of abusive commissions like travel agents charge, saving businesses money with each trip planned.

Reduced workload through automated booking

The ultimate goal of using a travel booking tool for a corporation is to save time and lower workloads for all employees. Travel booking software can help businesses with this through automated booking, creating a selection of applicable trips and lodgings that not only save the company money, but best fit all of the various policies a business chooses to enroll in. Corporate travel booking tools can use preferred airlines, for example, if a company has a corporate credit card that accumulates airline miles or points when people fly on it, or apply the same to lodging or car rental companies, to get businesses residual and incidental returns on trips, outside of limited or under-budget spending. Automated booking also ensures there is no overbooking for flights and keeps all trip information in one place, guaranteeing easy boarding and simple access to booking information.

Useful Analytics for Financial Planning

More than just flights and cars, corporations can benefit from travel booking tools at board meetings as well! Travel management companies will bundle financial planning support to their travel booking tools, giving businesses yet another tool to add to their belt when tackling business travel problems. Financial advisors are an integral part of travel management teams, and businesses can make great use of them when it comes to quarterly or annual spending reports. Financial advisors can grant businesses key analytics that will help them forecast their travel spending, such as monthly spending, spending by department, airline usage splits, and a list of incidental fees such as cancellations, convenience, or service fees that may be added on to bookings or transactions. These advisors can also work alongside CFOs and budgeting teams to see where a business may be overspending, or where they can afford to spend more for better service. All in all, this is one of the most important parts of using a corporate travel booking tool, and will be imperative in a business’ growth if they do any sort of business travel.

Simple and safe payments through online portals

Safety, above all, is always a business’ main concern when it comes to their workers. Simplicity is always preferable after that, and corporate travel booking tools always strive to create both safe and simple interfaces and practices to give the most streamlined and protected service to business clients who use their travel booking software. In addition to safe and simple money management, the online base for the tool also enables any kickback funds or payments to be paid instantly through online transfers, reducing lead and lag time between transactions. Through automated algorithms, advisor teams, and built-in protective measures on servers, payment portals, and databases, travel booking tools can bring businesses peace of mind and ease of access for all booking needs. Paired with analytics tools provided by the travel booking tool, corporations are given the perfect toolset to make the most of their travel.

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Use a Travel Booking Software for all Business Trip Needs

Travel booking tools are imperative for businesses, though there can certainly be some hiccups in getting them set up. There are a large number of businesses out there offering travel booking software, each with unique proposals and independent relationships that may or may not already fit with a company’s travel policy. The need for internet access can also be a pain point, but most businesses have their own data plans or internet-accessible options, removing this roadblock from the equation.

Despite these hindrances, signing up with a travel management company is a step that every business will benefit from. With 24/7 accessible finance advice, automated and digital travel booking, and a large swathe of opportunities to save money and treat employees, there are very few reasons not to enroll with a travel management tool. Traveling for work and business will only become more important to the marketplace in the years to come. Ensuring that companies are armed with the best travel management plans will help all businesses to grow as the marketplace becomes more connected.

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