The Importance of Travel Assistance

Importance of Travel Assistance

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Even with the best preparation before departure, the possibility for an unexpected situation can always occur.

The importance of business travel security goes beyond cancellations and delays. From accessing business-related services abroad to finding the nearest medical facility, any number of problems may arise while your employees travel overseas. Here’s how you can help your employees better access traveler assistance services and become prepared for the unexpected.

1. Update Your Travel Policy Now

When you send employees to travel on your behalf, you have a duty of care and legal obligation to protect them as best you can. Establishing a travel policy including a travel monitoring system helps you track and connect with employees in unexpected scenarios. Here are some starting points:

  • Establish methods to immediately reach or contact the employee if they find themselves stuck or stranded during travel.
  • Consider training your employees ahead of time and include a discussion about personal risk factors and communication protocols.
  • Draft an evacuation and communication plan for worst-case scenarios.

Employees value traveler assistance services including easy access to local resources and effective communication when something does go wrong. Telios Travel helps you prepare for the worst-case scenario and protect your employees by helping you implement a company travel policy that works.

2. Use Online Booking Tools

Streamlining travel services for your employees is essential — and it’s much easier with the help of an online booking tool. Here are some amazing travel assistance features you can provide your employees on the move.

  • Online applications such as Magnatech can help your employees and management access travel advisories and warnings in real time.
  • Gain access to all itineraries and timetables for trips in one place making it easy to see where employees are.
  • You can hand-pick selected accommodation and transport to match your travel policy.

Traveler assistance services are also available quickly. Changing flights, rerouting to other locations and cancelling upcoming trips are all simple tasks with a personal travel concierge to guide you.

3. Provide Travel Checklists

Providing traveler assistance services should include a comprehensive checklist for your employees to access before and during travel. Decide if you should make a standard checklist as part of your travel policy or if each trip will have its own tailored version. Your checklist should include:

  • Local health and safety information for easy employee access
  • Emergency management procedures for the area
  • Points of contact for concerns while on the move

Maintaining a high level of business travel security is your end-goal. At Telios Travel, we can advise you on next steps for using online booking tools that make sense for your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your plan of action with us.

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