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Managing your corporate travel is a delicate art, and it’s now more important than ever to be informed and make use of recent trends in technology to monitor travel costs for your employees. Here are three essential business travel tips to help you manage your corporate travel.

Tip 1: Get Inside Tips

Gaining insider knowledge is one of the tools you can draw upon to practice informed business travel planning. What better way to gain that knowledge than by hiring a professional corporate travel management company like Telios Travel? Here are some of the perks you’ll gain by leaving it to our experts:

  • Coordinate your trips with dedicated travel agents who can plan your experience for optimal productivity.
  • Utilize expertise garnered from decades of experience planning successful trips, to find suggestions on destinations, restaurants, and best booking practices.
  • Remain in contact with your advisor during your trips to ask on-the-fly information or mitigate emergencies.
  • Tailor a custom travel program for your corporation.

Choosing an established company is essential when you want the best insider knowledge and business travel tips. Experienced agents are better able to find deals that help you save money for your business in the long run.

Tip 2: Use Online Booking Tools

Many businesses both small and large have made use of online booking tools in a variety of ways. There are many perks to adopting a forward-thinking approach to business travel planning using technology as an aide. Here are just a few ways online booking tools come in handy.

  • They allow your travel policy to be implemented in the decision-making process of employee booking.
  • They store receipts in one easy-to-access location for expense management and reimbursement. Concur, for example, automatically adds up receipts so reconciliation is immediate.
  • They allow booking data to be instantly tracked so that future trips can be better optimized.

One of our best business travel tips is to make use of special deals targeting your business. Consult a travel management company to help you negotiate the deal or partnership that works best for your growing business for airline, hotel, and car rental brands.

Tip 3: Revisit Your Travel Policy

Your corporate travel plan should reflect your company vision and its primary objective is to keep your employees safe. Make sure your travel policy remains up to date and tweak it as necessary according to the current climate in the travel industry. Here are a few areas to focus on as you plan updates for your corporate travel policy.

  • Relevant safety information and pre-trip training
  • Standardize company booking procedures
  • Protocols for collecting expenses and reimbursement for services

If your travel policy is in need of some serious updates, it may be time to call in an expert for a second look. Contact Telios Travel today and gain even more business travel tips that help you manage your corporate travel procedures.

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