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Every organization needs to manage its travel, expenses, and invoices while controlling budgets. This is hard because the way organizations buy is changing. They work with more vendors, and employees’ roles in these purchases are evolving.
That’s why we offer one integrated solution for travel, expenses, and invoices. SAP Concur combines spending data from various systems, hotels, airlines, and other suppliers into one connected process. Also, our large partner network helps you track more spending in every category.


Provide more global flight and hotel vendor choices to travelers by integrating data from the global distribution system (GDS) and travel management company (TMC) partners, as well as travel suppliers.

Ensure compliance with travel and spending policies.

Fulfill duty of care obligationsby having an easy way to determine where employees are when there’s a disaster or emergency.

Track and manage spending down to the last cent by integrating data from corporate credit card providers and receipts directly from key suppliers, so customers can pull in and classify individual charges.

Reduce weeks of invoice hassle to a few days of automated online processing by automatically capturing and routing invoices from multiple sources, then managing approvals. Expenses are posted directly into Concur Invoice and to make it even more effortless, you are able to capture your receipts by taking a picture.

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Managing travel, expenses, and invoices while maintaining budgets is essential. As purchasing habits evolve and vendors grow, this task becomes harder. SAP Concur provides a unified solution, consolidating all spending data. Its broad partner network captures extensive information. Ultimately, SAP Concur aims to improve our clients’ Corporate Travel Programs experience through these four pillars.

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Controls and Compliance

An organization's risk for fraud and non-compliance depends on how it sets and enforces its policies, whether they are internal rules or external regulations. Good policies are just one part of the solution; effective and consistent enforcement using top-notch technology can close the gaps that leave you vulnerable.

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Spend Governance

Spending channels today are more scattered than ever. No matter where spending happens, it's crucial to have a complete understanding to control costs and make the most of the data. To manage all spending in your general ledger effectively, you need to know where, how, and who is allowed to use your organization's funds.

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Employee Experience

Employees are the greatest asset for any organization and are usually the most costly to replace. Ensuring job efficiency and satisfaction by providing the right applications at the right time can greatly benefit your employees' experience. This keeps them happy, productive, and focused on value-added tasks.

Expansion and Optimization

To prepare an organization and its teams for future growth, it's crucial to start with a strong foundation today. By consolidating platforms and vendors and following industry best practices, customers can turn their programs into efficient systems. These systems can then quickly respond to market pressures and opportunities as they come up.


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