For The Travel Champion

We are partners, one phone call away from anything you may need.

Duty of Care

So that you always know where your travelers are.

Monitor delays, disruptions and disasters.

Get a global view of all your employees.

Initiate and track two-way communication.

Send trigger-based messages.

Corporate Travel Management for the travel champion

Data Analytics

Get full visibility into your travel spend with real-time information and on-demand reporting. We will analyze your travel trends and continuously optimize the travel program.

Ad hoc reporting.

Monthly, quarterly, yearly reviews.

Data-Driven Recommendations.

Average Savings
From 10% to 12%

See what Telios can do for you!

Education and training

Telios Travel can assist with any and all trainings needed for your team.
Live Training, Recordings, Website Library and Personalized one-on-one training.

Telios Travel offers ongoing training and education so that your team will always be in the know. From Live Webinars to always-accessible recordings, and vast library of educational content to personalized one-on-one training – it’s travel support you just won’t find anywhere else.

24/7 Travel Support

Actually 24/7/365. When you need us, we’re just a phone call away. All the time.

We take our commitment to travel risk management to the highest level. Our dedicated travel advisors are available 24/7 throughout your trips to answer any questions or aid in an emergency.

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