Solutions for the Travel Manager

Take your corporate travel to the next level

Our corporate travel consultants can help you get full visibility of your corporate travel and streamline your corporate travel program for better results.

Comprehensive corporate travel solutions

As a Corporate travel manager, business travel coordinator, or responsible for handling travel services for your company, your responsibilities are many and varied.

Telios Travel can help manage, streamline, and optimize your corporate travel program and help you improve your corporate travel.


Dedicated account manager

A personal point of contact to ensure communication and a better understanding of your priorities, goals, and company culture and values.

We strive to understand your company, policies, and trends.
Our recommendations are based on your business model.
You are a partner, not a service ticket.


Travel Policy Optimization and Compliance

Review and optimize your Travel Policy to better fit the current state of your corporate travel and expenses, and define a clear path to the results you want to achieve with its implementation.


Savings based on data analytics and insights

Get full visibility into your travel spending with real-time information, on-demand reporting, and purpose-built metrics to help your corporation make the best spending decisions every time.

Program optimization based on travel trend analysis.
Customized reporting.
Data-driven recommendations.


Book what you need when you need it

As an elite SAP Concur Partner, Telios Travel improves the booking experience of your business travelers with the power of SAP Concur Travel platform.

Seamless and intuitive booking.
SAP Concur Travel mobile app.
Corporate Travel Policy integration for compliance.


Duty of Care

Personalized business travel support so you always know where your travelers are.

Risk Management.
Events Management.
Monitor delays, disruptions, and disasters.
Get a global view of all your employees.

Finance team employees sitting at a meeting room

Vendor Negotiation and Travel Trends Analysis

Based on preference and usage, our corporate travel consultants can help you identify vendor preferences to negotiate fares, and trends in corporate travel, finding the best time on the calendar to book flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Unlock the potential of your corporate travel program

And bring together the different aspects of your corporate travel to improve efficiency, for savings and better business travel experiences.


24/7/365 Support

As your Travel Management Company, we are your travel companion. We are ready to help in case there is an event and your business travelers needs support.


Education and Training

Ensure your team is ready to make the most of the tools available to leverage corporate travel, its efficiency, and results.

Live sessions.
On-demand recordings.
Personalized one-on-one training.


Executive Travel and C-Suite Travel

Make sure your executives are cared for while traveling. Telios Travel offers flexible and personalized service for the corporate travel needs of your C-suite members.

Personalized attention and recommendations.
Access to a team of travel agents with decades of experience.
Flexible bookings.
VIP Travel.


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