Case Study

Telios Uses a Personal Approach and Dedicated Service to Increase Savings and Ease the Customer Experience

In an increasingly competitive business travel landscape, a Telios Travel dedicated agent provides the human approach in constantly searching for better deals for our clients.

In this case study, we addressed three important issues our health industry client had dealt with previously.

Opportunity #1

Online Booking Tool Training

Our Solution
The client knew about the tool, but didn’t know how to use it. A dedicated Telios Travel agent provided training so they could use the tool effectively.

Consolidating Data

Our Solution
Telios Travel consolidated data to illustrate the purchasing power of Telios with our use of multiple agencies.

Analysis & Insights

Our Solution
Telios Travel unified our reports and analysis for the client, providing them with a clear understanding and valuable insights.

The Results


Discount on all United Airlines Tickets Delta Business Recovered over $7,000 in points.

It can be used for tickets, VIP rooms, and other upgrades.


Recovered in Unused Tickets Reduced total hotel cost by over 35%

Signed five hotel negotiations in different cities


Reduction in rental cars through an EHI contract

Through our human approach and use of various negotiations, data analysis, and new and improved training and data methods, we were able to create significant discounts on travel costs and improve the ease of onboarding for our new clients. Telios Travel addressed all three of these needs, and our personal solutions were both time and cost-effective.

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