Streamline your corporate travel, seamlessly connect your business.

Telios Travel revolutionizes global business travel through superior, technology-driven travel management services. We offer customized and efficient solutions that ensure cost savings and exceptional customer satisfaction. Improve your business travel with an elite partner who cares about your travelers.

The Telios Travel Difference

Telios Travel delivers seamless and cost-effective travel solutions for mid-size businesses, with a strong focus on personalized service, efficiency, savings, and client satisfaction. Partnering with Telios Travel means elevating your corporate travel program, with a uniquely designed global travel experience and fast, knowledgeable support across multiple countries.


We're your corporate travel partners

We strongly advocate for the immense potential inherent in corporate travel programs, and believe that this potential can be fully realized through customized solutions that address the unique requirements and circumstances of each company.

Corporate travel booking and coordination

Global business is complex, driven by global goals and regional needs. No matter your travel complexity, we create simple, safe, and sustainable travel solutions with measurable results.

Online Booking Tool

Our primary travel management software is crucial for tracking corporate travel expenses and finding cost-cutting opportunities.

Travel policy development support

We create travel policies with cues like urgency, red flags, and preferred rates. Adapt policies and approvals for high-risk areas quickly, ensuring changes are instantly reflected for peak performance.

Close up two men shake hands at business meeting, office negotiations, Successful negotiations.

Vendor negotiations

We regularly review your travel program data to find opportunities to negotiate with your top vendors. This helps us secure special deals and ensure you always get the best prices.

24/7 agent assisted support

A top-notch customer service team, staffed by experienced travel experts, ready to help you anytime.

Data-driven analytics for cost optimization

Travel data is the core of our operations. We continuously use it to improve customers' travel programs and make informed decisions on future product developments.


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