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Whether your business is just now expanding abroad or has been traveling for decades, Telios Travel has the corporate travel management software to help you make the most of your business travel.

  • Nearly 40 years of cumulative experience in the travel industry
  • Special vendor relationships for your business
  • The best deals and bookings for your budget
  • We negotiate on your behalf, finding bookings that can fit all of your business’ preferences

From seat assignments to lodging loyalties, our corporate travel management tools make sure your business travel is seamless and comfortable, helping you break away from tedious tasks and focus on what matters most.

The Power Of Data

Using the power of data forecasting and spending tracking, Telios Travel can help you take care of all the small details. Using a travel management system organizes all your data into easily accessible information about your employee’s flights, hotels, rental cars, and incidental expenses.

Our travel advisors are available 24/7, making it easy to coordinate travel plans

Use our corporate travel management software to increase efficiency

Centralize travel data into one convenient location

Efficiency That Translates Into Savings

A digital booking and travel management software is essential when tracking corporate travel expenses and identifying cost-cutting opportunities.

  • Gain greater control over your travel budgets
  • Ensure their employees get the best value for their travel dollars.
  • Give your financial team clarity on where money is being spent
  • Easily reimburse employees
  • Gain 24/7 access to experienced travel advisors who are there to help when booking travel, declaring taxes, or more

Working alongside your company, Telios Travel optimizes your travel policy by negotiating with vendors to make the most out of your travel budget. Use our purpose-built relationships to gain deeper control over your spending and improve efficiency, all while saving your business money.

  • Online booking tool
  • Expense tracking and reporting
  • Forecasting and cost optimization
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews
  • Data-driven recommendations

Use Corporate Tools To Streamline Your Travel Management

What Is SAP Concur?

SAP Concur is the leading travel management software, providing corporations with the forecasting and control needed to manage a corporate travel policy. SAP Concur simplifies the corporate travel management experience by providing tools that help executives with a variety of tasks.

  • Book Travel
  • Track spending
  • Ensure Corporate Policy Compliance

With Telios Travel and SAP Concur, companies can save time and money on travel expenses while easily maintaining a system that manages employee travel, ensuring policy compliance and recording spending across the company. Telios Travel, partnered with SAP Concur, is the only tool you need for travel program management.

Travel Management Software

Capture all corporate travel data in one place. Through our software SAP Concur, Telios Travel offers a complete view of your corporate travel spending to provide powerful insights into all aspects of your corporate spending.

Learn how to save money

Accurately forecast travel expenses

Improve negotiations with vendors

Telios Travel and SAP Concur are the perfect solutions for companies who want to take control of their corporate travel management systems, enabling the growth of businesses through savings and effective financial tracking.

The SAP Concur Ecosystem

Telios Travel, partnered with SAP Concur’s corporate travel management tools, gives your corporation all the systems necessary to manage booking, billing, and reimbursements at all levels of the business — From traveling employees to CFOs, Telios Travel has your back.

Concur Expense

SAP Concur Expense is what enables the perfect travel management system. Capture spending from multiple sources, plan and make spending decisions based on accurate and live data, reimburse employees efficiently, and simplify expense reports at all levels of the business.

Concur Invoice

Concur Invoice is the ideal complement to the rest of SAP Concur’s corporate travel management software. Rather than using manual invoicing, Concur Invoice automates the Accounts Payable process, granting your business greater visibility into spending, freeing financial teams from tedious tasks, and ultimately saving your business money.

Corporate Travel Booking Made Easy

Streamline your travel management system and keep the business running smoothly when planning corporate travel. Our corporate travel management software can help you keep track of all your travel arrangements.



Rental cars and transportation

Access your travel information from any location, making coordinating or changing travel plans a breeze.

Use our corporate travel management software to monitor efficiency and performance, supporting your employees through every step of their travel. Keep all travel-related information organized in one place, planning ahead for trips and conferences to come.

A Team That’s There for You, Every Step of the Way

Our team of dedicated travel advisors is there for you at any time of the day, any day of the week. As experts with SAP Concur, our corporate travel software, Telios Travel Advisors provide comprehensive training with the corporate travel management tools available to you, guiding you through the setup process and online booking.

A group of employees discussing travel plans.

More than just training, our team of financial advisors can help on several levels of the corporation. We know you, your company, your travel policy, and your spending trends — a combination of data points that help us find the best system to manage your travel. We remember your preferences, and can quickly rectify issues with travel at any point in time.

For the financial team and the CFO, our corporate travel software, along with our travel advisors, gives you all the tools you need.

Forecast spending for the year
Keep up with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
Help with end-of-year tax reimbursements for employee and corporate spending

No matter the need or complexity, Telios Travel is the advisement team that’s on your side.

Save Your Travel Preferences

Let us know your individual travel preferences, and never worry about it again! From preferred seating arrangements to loyalty programs, our travel management system ensures that your employees get the most comfortable trip possible. Using our corporate travel management tools, our financial advisors compare options to

  • Maximize affinity and rewards programs
  • Ensure corporate travelers can book into their preferred hotels
  • Get car rental upgrades and customize so much more

Keep Your Team Safe Abroad

More than just corporate travel software, Telios Travel helps businesses manage risk anywhere on the map. Our team of financial advisors can identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with business travel, providing businesses with a foundational understanding of the risks involved in travel, and how to put travel systems in place to manage those risks.

Health and Safety Risks

When traveling, employees can be exposed to health and safety risks, such as diseases, injuries, and more. Using our software and corporate training, we ensure that travelers will be prepared for any outcome, and can respond at any time to guide travelers through rectification measures.

Security Risks

Travel can come with security risks, such as theft, assault, or loss of confidential information. Telios Travel can guide teams through ways to mitigate risk, providing 24/7 support to teams that need it.

Financial Risks

Business travel can result in financial losses for a company, such as loss of property or unexpected or incidental incurred costs. Our corporate travel management tools help a business prepare and respond to any financial risks that can come your way.

In the face of risks and danger, Telios Travel is an ally on your team. Use our travel management policies and corporate training software to minimize liability issues, provide duty of care to employees, and make sure your business is safe from risk at every turn.

Giving Businesses Tools for Corporate Travel Management

Delivering the best service is possible by leveraging the best travel management tools for your corporation. Partnering with SAP Concur, we can strengthen our customer service and provide businesses with a system that streamlines travel management. Combining nearly forty years of experience in the travel industry, purpose-built vendor relationships, and the best expense software possible, Telios Travel can bring you the ideal corporate travel management software for all your business travel needs.

A group of employees celebrating travel plans.

SAP Concur uses software to help manage and track your corporate travel. Book and manage all of your needs:


using our corporate travel management tools, Telios Travel can simplify the corporate travel experience and increase productivity across the board.

Accurate and Customized Reporting

Our corporate travel software utilizes all the details, insights, and preferences you define to give the most accurate spending reports possible for your business.

  • We’ll break down all aspects of your travel
  • See the positives and negatives for every trip your employees take
  • Get personalized advice on how your company can take advantage of travel benefits
  • Get monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting with insightful looks into where your company is spending, and why

We start by compiling and tidying up all the data we collect on your corporation through our travel software, collecting expense records and reimbursement requests, credit card statements, and contracted receipts your business may still have. We then clean up the information for accuracy and categorize them for easy reference.

After compiling and cleaning, we provide corporate financial teams with analysis techniques through our travel software, with three key metrics to make your spending easy to read:

Spend Categories

We specialize spend categories to your business operations, focusing on transportation, accommodations, rentals, and per diem spending. This helps understand which categories are most important and points out discrepancies during business.

Spend Source

Track how individual employees spend while traveling, establishing a baseline for team travel spending habits, and possible errors or fraudulent charges.

Client Spend

When business travel is related to specific business clients, we can organize data based on how much travel to and from that client costs your business. Compare against revenues and expenditures, and calculate returns for your business per client.

Use our financial team and corporate spending and travel tracking software to pinpoint ways to save, establish corporate budget baselines, and see what your Return on Investment is for all travel spending.

Ready to upgrade your travel management toolset?

A Range of Payment Options

Our corporate travel management software enables businesses to utilize a range of payment options to best fit their workflow. Our advisors can guide financial teams through the benefits of each option, determining which payment structure will save the most money for a business. Pay by trip or by the month, finding the payment scheme that saves money in the long term, and helps manage expenses at every turn.

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Take the Next Step

Let our travel management company handle your corporate planning. Gain access to our corporate travel management software, expert team of advisors, customized reporting, and preferential booking. As corporate travel experts, we work with your business to provide duty of care, comprehensive analytics, and 24/7 travel support and training for employees during trips.

Manage your corporate travel policies and systems seamlessly with Telios Travel, and save up to 12% on average!

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