5 Factors Companies Need to Consider When partnering with a Corporate Travel Agency

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This is key goal of partnering with a TMC is to ensure your company continues to grow and doesn’t overspend on business travel. But, how to choose the right corporate travel agency?

The size of the agency

Some corporate travel agencies are run by individuals out of home offices, and others employ hundreds of people across the country. To choose the right corporate travel agency keep in mind that smaller businesses are better off with an agency that value smaller travel budgets. Your company needs to matter to your TMC. You may or may not need dedicated agent. You likely have a simple travel policy. These arrangements can work for awhile. At a certain point the company may begin to grow at a faster rate than the agency.

On the other hand, larger agencies have more experience, and can offer specialty services and amenities. For example, many have have long-standing relationships with particular airlines because they feed a large amount of business to them. These relationships can mean better service and lower prices, thanks to the fact that the agency may have a certain amount of leverage.

Easy booking experience

Likely today, travelers prefer to book online, but not alone. And the booking process should also be easy and enjoyable for administrators to book for others. No one wants to work with a corporate travel agency that’s not easy to contact, understand their processes or otherwise.

Consumer-grade travel inventory

The agency has to be able to give travelers access to all the flight carriers and hotel brands they want. You could lower your travel spend by using low cost carriers, yet all of the world’s inventory should be available to you as a business.

Accurate travel reporting

This may seem like even more paperwork that will further complicate the numbers game that is running a business. However, a robust reporting system can be useful because it’ll help you keep track of travel expenses, analyze trends and point out opportunities for savings.

Excellent trip support

When your flight has been cancelled and you really need to get to an event, trip support is paramount. Your travel agent should be on hand to help you find an alternate route, so look for a corporate travel agency that offers travel support 24/7.

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