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At Telios Travel, we’re the experts when it comes to corporate travel booking and employee safety. Learn more from our team about how you can minimize risk for anyone traveling abroad.

1. Communication & Coordination

Knowing where your employees will be during all times is one of the best ways to ensure their security. Creating an itinerary for them to follow and staying in contact at all times can mitigate any risky situations. Before your team jumps on a plane or books a hotel, make sure you have all the appropriate contact information for them. You should also keep track of the contact details for any hotel, venue, or business they may be visiting during the trip.

2. Training & Awareness

While your travel booking team may be responsible for much of what goes on while your employees are traveling, you also want to provide adequate training before each trip. Depending on the situation and where your team is traveling to, a briefing to raise awareness of what they can expect will help them take charge of their own safety.

3. Risk Rating & Assessments

While some places are safer to travel than others, travel hubs in populated cities are quickly becoming targets in today’s world. Your team should be able to provide a risk rating and assessment to determine security measures and manage employee safety. Telios Travel has years of experience accessing the most up to date news and reports from around the world to help you stay on top of your business travel safety checklist.

4. On the Ground Applications

While training and awareness is a good place to start, nobody can remember everything they’re supposed to do all the time. Precompiled information and real time warnings from applications such as Magnatech allow staff members to always have access to the most important rules and regulations. Such employee safety solutions are where you should include all the critical details for the trip including:

  • Local emergency contact information
  • Alternative hotel arrangements
  • Reliable car services
  • A company hotline to call in case of emergencies

5. Basic Code of Conduct

All your employees should be aware of a basic code of conduct every time they travel. This applies for all trips and every destination. If your employees already have basic safety training, customizing the details for any particular trip is much easier.
Ready to take employee safety much more seriously? Reach out to the Telios Travel team to learn more about the recommended business travel safety checklist.

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