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8 Business Travel Trends That Will Define 2023

The priorities and techniques that will influence corporate travel

1. Health Is The Top Priority

  • The main concerns of business travelers are health and access to timely information about possible changes in travel procedures.
  • It is in the best interest of companies to focus on improving communication between travel departments or managers and their employees.
  • According to a recent report on business travel trends by TripActions, 48.5% of employees struggle with finding reliable information about changes in travel procedures, While other concerns relate to financial estimates.
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2. Remote Working and Travel Can Coexist

Many employees still work remotely, and this business travel trend is expected to remain high. In some industries, employees will work remotely for longer, and this will spur meaningful business travel.

  • At least 35% of US businesses engage in business travel, especially for many industries that include nursing, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • People still need to connect with coworkers, third-party service providers, and clients, and travel is a part of making that happen.
  • Many business travelers are excited by the idea of regular get-togethers with coworkers and clients. Keeping remote employees connected via regular physical contact is critical, and growing trends show personalized business travel is the ideal solution.

Data for the latest corporate travel trends shows that 78 percent of business travelers expect to take at least one work-related trip in the next quarter alone!

3. Conferences Are Back

Business travel is still an essential activity for both employees and business owners, and corporate travel trends say that now that health restrictions have been lifted in many areas, it’s expected to rebound.

  • Events, conferences, and workshops are slowly coming back. Last year, the Sibos financial conference in Amsterdam had more than 10,000 participants in its first year back
  • Major players in the industry are optimistic about 2023 business travel trends, as there is already a strong commitment through signed contracts for major events.
  • Though safety protocols may change from one event to the next, travelers and managers must be ready to adapt if they want to make the most of these events. A customized travel management company can pivot for you.
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4. Travelers Are Concerned About The Environment

Climate consciousness and sustainability are also business travel trends set to define corporate travel in 2023. Studies have suggested that companies that don’t try to solve this issue may find themselves at odds with their clients, employees, and investors.

  • A 2022 survey of business travelers revealed that respondents are concerned about the impact of business travel on the environment, and 72% of them are willing to change their travel habits in a move towards sustainability.
  • Nearly 75% of them believe that employers should try to offset their business travel to reduce their carbon footprint.

5. Green Commutes Can Be Corporate

As a corollary to that environmental concern, many employees still want to travel, and one corporate travel trend we’re watching is the adoption of more customized, environmentally responsible itineraries and travel methods.

  • Some companies may invest in fleets of electric vehicles or encourage employees to use public transportation or bike to work.
  • Companies find themselves increasingly interested in solutions that reduce travel spending while leveraging environmentally conscious options for accommodations and local mileage.
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6. Personal Travel Is A Major Perk For Many Employees

Business travel is a major perk for some employees, and it can be attached to personal travel or vice versa. Many companies are looking at ways to develop flexible policies that combine business travel with personal travel. Some companies are even finding ways to support this type of business + personal travel financially, providing incentives and flexible travel plans.

  • According to a corporate travel trends report by Expedia Group, 29% of employees will take a business-leisure trip, and 28% will take a flexible vacation by booking accommodation for both business and personal travel.

7. Travel And Expense Management Should Be Integrated

This business travel trend boils down to how businesses can increase cost efficiency, especially as it relates to corporate travel expenses. Now, most companies simply can’t afford the inefficiencies that come with old legacy systems.

  • All-in-one travel and expense solutions are the keys to efficient business travel in 2023. These solutions reduce manual labor, reduce costs, and provide real-time management visibility.
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8. The Increased Necessity For A Complete All-In-One Business Travel Platform

Business travel trends show that companies are looking for ways to evolve their spending approach, particularly in the business travel sector. The post-pandemic period is ideal to try to create an all-in-one management plan for both business travel and related expenses.

  • Ideally, a company should have a single, easy-to-manage system that is highly adaptable to this changing economic environment.
  • Most manager roles should be interested in this corporate travel trend as it provides a solution that provides better unification of all expenses, including business travel.
  • A simplified, unified platform like Telios Travel reduces complexity for managers, reduces costs, and provides a better, boutique experience for employees.

The Personal Approach and Right Tool For Every Job — Telios Travel

From travel inventory needs, travel support, and booking, everything can be managed directly from our platform. And with a dedicated team of agents available for customized guidance, the risk of errors is reduced and technology gaps are avoided – our unified system makes it easier for every participant to take advantage of our services.

This business travel trend makes holding one group accountable easier and solving management issues simpler. Simply put, a user can book, manage, and get travel support in one place, online, and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. And since Telios Travel is in partnership with an expansive network of global travel vendors, the management advantage that we offer is enormous, as costs are also reduced across the board.

If you’re interested in hopping on this business travel trend and learning more about how we can help you manage your business travel program with better ease and efficiency, Contact Us to get in touch and talk to our team!

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