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A Quick Guide to Corporate Travel Planning

There are more than 1.4 billion people who travel around the world every year. Corporate travel is one of the main reasons why people travel from state to state or from country to country. This is why corporate travel planning is so important. 

If you don’t have a plan for your corporate travel, then you’ll find that your schedule will end up being quite a mess. Fortunately, if you just follow some travel planning tips, your next corporate trip should be in good shape. But where should you start?

What should you consider when it comes to corporate travel planning? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Have a Good Travel Management Company on Your Side

What is a travel management company, you might ask, and what does a travel management company do? It isn’t as complicated as you think, and in fact, having a good travel management company (TMC) on your side can actually make your traveling endeavors much easier than ever before. A TMC mainly functions to streamline anything that has to do with corporate travel. 

More specifically, a TMC will function to make sure that employee travel preferences are taken into account, along with flight schedules, hotel availability, pricing, and so on. If you don’t have a TMC, you will have to do all of this work on your own. Of course, this could be quite stressful since you already have your job to worry about. 

The Details

But when you choose a good travel management company, you won’t need to worry about a thing because everything will already be taken care of for you. Instead of business travel being something stressful and unpleasant, it will become something much more relaxing and enjoyable. Some TMCs will even analyze certain risk factors, such as canceled or delayed flights or problems that might occur with hotels. 

These companies have very advanced options to help employees book airplane tickets at the best prices and get the seats that those employees might prefer. If anything goes wrong during your corporate trip, your TMC will handle it for you. That way, if your flight happens to be delayed or canceled or if anything else unexpected happens, you won’t need to worry. 

It will all be taken care of for you so that you can get back on track and stay focused. But besides having a good travel management company on hand, what else should you consider on your corporate travels?

Make Sure You Pack Everything for Your Trip

While a travel management company can help you with all of the logistics of your trip, you will still need to deal with some basic responsibilities, such as remembering what you need to pack. Most corporate trips don’t require you to bring all that much. What you bring will mainly depend on what you’re traveling for and how long you’ll remain at your destination. 

For example, if you need to travel somewhere for a meeting and you’re only going to stay there for a day or perhaps half a day, then you won’t need to pack much at all. You should, of course, bring whatever paperwork or documents that might be important for the job at hand. You should also bring certain electronic devices that might be important for your job such as a small laptop or phone. 

What You Need to Know

To err on the side of caution, it is always a good idea to bring one extra set of clothes. After all, you never know if someone might happen to spill food or a drink on your clothes at some point during your travels. Of course, the last thing you want to do is arrive at a meeting with your clothes all stained and dirty. 

But as long as you have an extra pair of clothes with you, you shouldn’t have to worry about this potential hazard at all. Even if someone happens to spill a whole meal on you, your schedule will still be on track because all you’ll need to do is change into your other set of clothes. Also, an extra set of clothes won’t take up much space at all, especially if you choose clothes that aren’t bulky. 

Keep an Eye on Your Schedule

While a travel management company will handle the majority of your schedule for you, you should still be aware of the important details it has to offer. Most importantly, you should keep flight arrival and departure times n mind. That way, if your flight happens to be delayed or if it arrives early, you will be right on cue and ready to go. 

You should also be aware of any changes regarding your flight. For example, you might need to suddenly change flights, or you may need to go to a different gate to get on the right airplane. Whatever the case, you should always be alert and ready to go if these changes do happen to occur because they are often unexpected and happen quite quickly. 

The last thing you want to do is miss your method of transportation, so always be alert when traveling. 

All About Corporate Travel Planning

Corporate travel planning is very important, and it can be made much easier with a good travel management company. Such a company handles all the heavy lifting for you, such as booking flights, finding the best seats, the cheapest tickets, and so on. With a travel management company, you won’t have to worry about a thing because everything will already be taken care of for you.

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It may come as no surprise that the biggest cost of operating a business is labor cost. It accounts for a whopping 70% of the total business costs. It is no wonder that a business will be looking for ways to save money.

Business travel is an integral part of running a business. To make it successful you need to take a closer look at how your company can save money with corporate travel.

Read on to learn more about corporate travel savings so that you not only save money but keep your talent happy.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to saving money in any area, planning ahead is where you need to start. It is the same for corporate travel savings.

If you plan ahead, you can save money on airfares, hotels, or transportation. The further the trip in the future, the bigger the savings. Any ad hoc bookings may cost double the price.

There are a lot of moving parts in corporate travel management. Travel management companies can help you understand travel trends, airline ticket pricing, hotel capacity rates, or reward systems.

You can make more informed decisions as to when business trips could be arranged. You could set up a business calendar with all the business trips to budget them better.

Planning ahead can also indicate if a business trip is necessary in the first place. It may not be worth it to send an employee to make a sales speech if other, more feasible arrangements can be made.

Get Clear on Your Travel Policy

Your travel policy should include the approval process, accommodation, meals, and transportation allowances, as well as reimbursement policy. The stricter you are with your travel policy, the more corporate travel savings you can make.

If your travel policy is not clear, you may be incurring unnecessary costs. Setting a budget, rules around booking economy versus business class, or a list of approved hotels can all make a difference to the bottom line.

Your travel policy needs to adapt to the needs of the business and its employees and make it easy to comply. If your Travel Manager or HR personnel needs to spend hours trying to collect the receipts or investigate if a particular expense is acceptable, you are wasting precious resources.

Drafting a travel policy does not need to be complicated. Look for the best travel management company in your area and engage them to help.

Save Money With Airfares and Hotels

If you ever wondered what does a travel management company do, here’s your answer. They can save you money while booking flights and accommodation.

You can go online and book either economy or flexible flights. Economy flights will be cheaper, but you are running the risk of losing them if you need to change travel dates. Most of the economy fares are non-refundable either.

Travel management companies can offer you a better, and cheaper deal. They have access to search programs that will not only tell them when an airline runs a sale but even re-book a ticket if a cheaper option is found.

You may either book a hotel yourself or let the employee book it. This is fine, as long as you have a clear budget, and set rules around mini bar and Wi-Fi charges. But, again, travel management companies can save you money on hotels too.

They may have special arrangements with some of their most popular hotels. In addition, if you use the same hotel for all your business trips, they can help you to negotiate a special rate.

Have an Allowance Policy on Food and Entertainment

Giving a daily allowance for food and entertainment can bring more corporate travel savings. You can introduce a per diem, which is an approved amount an employee can spend per day during their trip.

The employee can then decide how much they wish to spend on breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There could be exceptions, but if you have a clearly outlined travel policy this should not be an issue.

Entertainment, or other auxiliary costs, can quickly add up. Arranging a package that covers certain expenses is a great saving for business trips.

Look at Ways How Employees Can Share a Cost

It takes the effort of a whole team to reduce corporate travel spending. You can look at ways to book cheaper flights or get a deal on a hotel room, but employees can help to share a cost.

You may encourage your employees to share transportation to and from the airport, especially if they live nearby and travel from the same location. You can also advise that they can use their own vehicles, especially if they travel locally. And then reimburse them.

On some occasions, sending only one employee, instead of two, may be more cost-effective. Scheduling meetings and providing clear travel directions can save a lot of time, and ultimately money. It will make the employee more productive while on the road.

Engage a Travel Management Company

Regardless of the different ways of corporate travel savings, engaging a travel management company is still a good option.  So, what is a travel management company?

A travel management company is an expert in the field. They can help to develop your travel policy and arrange for travel assistance and insurance. They can help you to streamline the whole booking process by looking for the best flight and accommodation deals. But above all, they can save your business money and make all your business trips a success.

Get Started With Corporate Travel Savings

There are many ways your company can save money on corporate travel. You can plan ahead, clearly outline your travel policy and look for ways to save on airfares, hotels, and transportation.

Or you can engage with a travel management company and see the real corporate travel savings they can offer you. Request a demo today to get started with Telios Travel.

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Business Travel Tips for Corporate Travel Planning

Business travel. It has been a backbone of America and the world. The industry was halted during the pandemic but in 2022, a resurgence could be upon us. 

About 445 million business trips are made per year around the world. If you are reading this, you or your company has probably contributed to that number. 

The more often you travel, the more often you notice the small details that can make the process of it smoother. Getting to your destination can be stressful, but it does not have to be. 

What business travel tips can you use to improve your experience? These are seven of our best tips. 

1. Pack Essentials in Carry-On Bags 

If you are new to business travel and are going on a long trip, you may have to check a bag. However, most airlines give you the option of bringing one smaller bag with you as carry-on baggage for your flight. 

This is the bag that you are going to keep with you getting through the airport and getting on your flight. Use this bag as the one that you store your essentials in rather than the bag you check. 

The reason for this is that you know where this bag is at all times and it is the bag you can keep an eye on. It is also the bag that you know will not get lost as long as you take proper care of it. 

That is not always the case with checked baggage. In the United States alone, more than 690,000 checked bags were lost in the first six months of 2021. 

What does this tell you? It should tell you that there are not as many guarantees when it comes to checked bags. 

Make sure you keep your most important possessions on you or in your checked bag. These can be things such as your cellphone, laptop, chargers, ID documents, and more. 

2. Pack a Set of Clothes in Carry-On 

The next tip for you also has to do with carry-on bags. You may be tempted to put all of your clothes in carry-on bags because they are not worth as much as your other possessions. 

While it is a good idea to put most of your clothes in checked bags, you should save one set for carry-on. This is in the event that your bag gets lost or you miss a flight connection. Then, if you have a situation where you have no access to your checked bag, you at least have an extra set of clothes. 

3. Bring a Power Bank 

If you carry electronics such as your cellphone on you for long trips, it can be a major asset to have a power bank. While you may have better luck finding outlets in an airport, it is not always guaranteed there. 

On top of this, you need to think about the transportation that you have to do before and after the airport. Are you traveling many hours each way? Having a power bank ensures that your cellphone will be charged the entire journey. 

4. Consider Rewards Programs 

Whether you are a business owner or employee, you should look into rewards programs while you travel. The main times that this can be beneficial for travel is if you use a certain hotel chain or airline consistently. 

Some airlines allow you to build up miles for free flights and get extra perks on their flights if you join their rewards programs. Hotel chains may offer you a free night at a hotel and bonus perks if you join their program. 

See if there is an airline or a hotel chain you frequent and take advantage of that status. 

5. Look at Airport Lounges

If you are someone that travels often for business, you may need a quiet place that you can relax. Well, if you travel frequently enough, airport lounges may be just the place that you need. 

Becoming a member of certain airlines can be the best way of doing this but it is not the only way. Some credit cards have this as a perk along with having things like Priority Pass to get you access to those airport lounges.

6. Pack Light 

Let’s face it, for most business trips, you are likely not going away for too long. Do not feel like you need to bring your whole house with you. 

Packing lighter can help take stress off of carrying those bags all around an unfamiliar city. It can make it easier for you to move around and you can open up more transportation options such as city buses by packing lighter. 

Also, if you pack light enough, you may get to the point where you only need carry-on bags for a trip. This can save you a significant amount of time once you land at your final destination. 

7. Get Smaller Toiletries 

Finally, be aware of airport security rules. Essentially, airports tend to be more strict about what liquids get through security. 

So, for example if you want to bring toothpaste with you on a trip, do not get the regular sized toothpaste. Instead, get a smaller one that is small enough to get approved by airport security for clearance. 

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