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Our Team Develops A Clear Plan For Your Corporate Travel Needs And Ensures Smooth Trips.

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  • Careful travel preparation
  • Corporate travel policy knowledge and experience
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  • Peace of mind for your company
  • Easy travel planning

Plan Ahead

While a TMC can certainly run the logistics of travel planning, it is still up to the individual to plan their day-to-day travel. This planning can help with the following:

  • Save time
  • Save energy
  • Avoid price gouging
  • Avoid high competition when booking
  • More flexibility when booking
  • Ensure usability of rewards and loyalty programs

Business calendars outlining business trips and budgetary restrictions are another good way to independently engage in corporate travel planning and can also assist a TMC in finding options that best fit your corporate budget. Planning ahead in this way can also indicate the necessity of a business trip overall and help plan if better arrangements can be made further out to better fit a business’ commercial needs.

Accountable Plan Allowances

Alternatively, other corporate travel policies will engage in an accountable plan, instead using itemized receipts and records of corporate spending to decide on which specific items are eligible for reimbursement. Accountable plans offer more flexibility for a business but require more trust in the employee when planning for corporate travel.

Regardless of which allowance you use, be sure to check with local IRS regulations on what can or cannot be declared — These guidelines can change between nations or seasonally, and a budgetary restriction one year may not be applicable the next. Some items also cannot be reimbursed at all, such as personal spending or particularly lavish or extravagant costs like resort lodging or some first-class trips.

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