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Benefits of a Personalized Travel Management Company

Scheduling employee travel can be an extra job that many business owners simply don’t have the time for. That’s why many businesses benefit from hiring a corporate travel agent or a travel management company (TMC).

What Is A Travel Management Company (TMC)?

An infographic of what a travel management company does.

With the prevalence of business travel in the modern market, specific agencies have developed that serve the express purpose of boutique corporate travel. These often come in the shape of corporate travel agents or travel management companies, but there are some key differences between the two:

  • A travel agency is a general platform that can be used to book travel. However, a travel management company works directly with businesses to streamline all aspects of their travels.
  • A travel management company will frequently implement beneficial technology to help businesses with their travel goals and allow them to be able to track their travel. This technology aims to streamline travel booking to make it simple and easy for any user
  • Corporate travel agencies are only able to provide a limited amount of discounts and special rates, whereas the secure business relationships travel management companies cultivate usually grant more access to discounted prices and customized benefits.
  • TMCs can often offer a broader set of customized services than corporate travel agencies. They can personalize company travel for each individual company and can even integrate company policies into their packages.

With customized reporting systems, unused ticket management, and custom-built booking systems, TMCs can develop workflows that fit the specific needs of your company.

If you have employees that travel often, then a TMC may be in your best interest. With a range of payment options allowing you to pay by trip or by the month, you may find a payment scheme that helps save money in the long term, all while helping you manage your expenses through travel experts.

Benefits Of Using A Travel Management Company To Plan Customized Business Trips

If you are looking for ways to make your business trips easier, then using a travel management company is the best way to go.

Comprehensive Technology to Manage Travel Plans

  • We incorporate technology such as SAP Concur into the travel planning process through comprehensive integration
  • Keep track of reporting, invoices, unused tickets, company travel policies, and more.

Find the Best Prices

  • Gain benefits from travel management companies through corporate discounts
  • Our corporate travel agents work with leading vendors in the market, getting the best deals possible for your business.

Ensure Employee Safety

  • We are available 24/7 to answer questions, help with changing plans, and make sure everything is running smoothly. You’re a partner, not a support ticket.

  • Maintain clear communication with employees abroad.

Cover the Extras

  • Easily manage amenities like covered parking, car services, airport lounges, and more.

Benefits Of A Boutique Travel Management Company For A Business Owner

Around 400 million Americans travel for business every year, solidifying traveling for work as the new norm. Since many businesses require their employees to travel, many business owners are turning to travel management companies for their many benefits and special deals.

Travel management companies take care of all the extra tasks, such as planning airfare or transportation, lodging accommodations, food, or the many incidentals that slip through the cracks in an internally managed trip.

The Role Of A TMC In Corporate Travel Planning

A travel management company has different roles when it comes to booking business trips, each providing a unique benefit to the business owner. These roles include:

  • A Negotiator, using uniquely beneficial travel management company relationships to negotiate rates with hotels, car rentals, and airlines for corporate trips.
  • A Database Manager, providing online and call-in travel booking systems.
  • A Partner, supplying real-time information for traveler safety and convenience.
  • A Guidebook, implementing up-to-date business corporate travel policies to save money and promote sustainability.

These are just a few of the crucial roles that a dedicated travel management company plays in corporate travel, and there are plenty more beneficial roles they can fill.

What are the extra benefits of using a travel management company?

Aside from the planning benefits of using a travel management company, there are other incidental benefits that come your way:

  • Increased efficiency. A travel management company can streamline the entire process rather than sorting through airfares, accommodation prices, and ground transportation. We can also help with invoicing and reporting, making a business owner’s job much easier.
  • Concierge services. When booking company travel, car parking, airport lounges, and seat preferences are added factors. However, travel management companies like Telios can handle all of these, so you don’t need to worry.
  • Seamless travel. We’ll help train your employees to use phone apps for expense reporting and travel updates so accounting can keep pace with real-time changes.
Travel plans on a laptop.

Tips For Finding A Personal Corporate Travel Agency

Vetting the many travel management companies can be difficult, with many benefits to compare and many policies to consider fitting into your business operations. Here are eight tips on how to pick the best agency for your business travel.

1. Shop Around

There are many price comparison sites online that can help you find the best prices on travel management companies. Make sure to look at what benefit packages they offer and whether or not there’s room for adjustment. Some travel agents can even shave some money off to match a competitor’s offering.

3. Consider What’s Included

Your business travel agency can save you time and effort when organizing a trip for multiple employees by offering connections with the hotel you’re staying at, allowing them to get special deals on rentals, food, and lodging. The included amenities are a big part of the benefits of a travel management company.

5. Get Referrals From Friends

Get recommendations from business partners or friends to ensure you’re receiving information from real people who you know and trust, filtering out false information or padded reviews.

7. Look for Flexible Booking Policies

Flexibility is important when booking a business trip, and you should be able to cancel or reschedule with ease. Understand your travel company’s booking and rescheduling policies, and see what best fits your needs.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

How much you want to spend on a business trip may affect what kind of agency you choose. Primary costs typically include airfare, lodging, ground transport, and your daily food allowance. There may be other considerations. such as business dinners or special events to keep in mind as well.

4. Check Agency’s Qualifications

Although formal training is required to become a corporate travel agent, these training programs do not need to provide certification upon completion. Travel management companies offer the benefits of qualified staff who have gone through a certification program, bringing you premium service and a dedicated team focused on your needs.

6. Areas of Expertise

Not all travel agencies are built the same. Some agencies focus solely on promoting travel to a particular country or region, while others offer only business travel accommodations and no vacation packages. A good travel management company’s responsibilities should manage all of your corporate needs and your travel itineraries with any necessary benefits included.

8. Good Communication

A good travel agent is there when you need them. Even with the best preparation, there may still be unexpected situations. Strong communication helps with every other part of the booking process.

Find A Personalized Travel Management Company You Can Trust

By using a dedicated TMC with emphasis on human interaction, you’re putting your employees’ comfort and safety in other people’s hands. The last thing you want is to find out that they had a miserable time all because you trusted the wrong agency. Telios Travel provides world-class boutique service for businesses that need to book travel wherever they need to go. We can monitor delays, get a global view of your employees, and help initiate and track communication with them. Contact us to learn more about our services and talk to our team.

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